I took my 14-year-old daughter Kylee to see Dr. Kalapp today because her back has been hurting her for the last 5 months. Urgent Care Dr. told her it was a muscle spasm but after meeting with Dr. Kalapp and finding out what was wrong (which was quit a bit going on with her back) he did an adjustment and laser on her back and she actually felt better right away. She will have to go back a few more times to be 100% and I know she will get there. The ladies in the office where very nice and professional. If you have back pain go see Dr. Kalapp at Neural FX by Kalapp Chiropractic.
If you have neck, back, knee or shoulder pain, especially if you are a competitive athlete, I cannot recommend Dr. Lon strongly enough. I have a number of chronic disk problems in my upper and lower back from years of grappling and this guy makes me feel better and allows me to move again, so I can keep doing what I love, teaching jiu-jitsu. Seriously thanks very much! Your hands are magic!
Before coming to Dr. Karla, my son didn’t talk much, he was always anxious, constipated and diagnosed Autistic. He could not go into crowded places and did not like loud noises. It has been two weeks and since starting care I have noticed that my son talks more, he has regular bowel movements, his anxiety has reduced, he is more relaxed, and he is able to go to crowded places were there are lots of noises. I feel better because I am able to communicate with my son. I am able to go into stores and not worry about my son having tantrums. I would recommend to try care with Dr. Karla, it is something you won’t regret. I love what it has done to him. It has helped him and me on and my life.
I have a chronicle condition - several herniated disks through out my spine, I'm always in quite a lot of pain.

Between chiropractic adjustments, cervical decompression and now New Laser Treatments Dr. Kalapp has made my pain decrees by 80% I have reduced the intake of my poisonous drugs. Combination of these treatments are working magic on me! And gave me a hope that one day I will be completely Pain Free! Thank you Dr. Kalapp!
I've know Dr. Kalapp for several years. We first met when I was trying to get help - any kind of help- for my husband Larry's back pain. The treatments were so helpful; we couldn't believe it! I had always believed in chiropractic, and will tell anyone that it really, really works! Dr. Kalapp is also on of the kindest people I know and I would trust him and recommend him to anyone!