Diagnostic Testing

Videonystagmography (VNG)
Videonystagmography (VNG) allows us to carefully look at specific eye movement that would not be seen with the naked eye, as they relate to brain function. Different regions of our brain control different types of eye movement, pupillary response and optokinetic function and testing these eye movements is one of our greatest windows into brain function. During the tests, the patient wears a set of infrared goggles that record eye movements as the eyes follow moving targets. Through VNG, we are then able to analyze and determine where the deficient regions of the brain are. From here, we are able to develop training programs to revitalize the problematic areas, harnessing brain function through eye exercises and other specific neurological rehabilitative treatments.

Comprehensive Physical Exam
A complete health history if performed to give us an accurate picture of the patient’s concerns as well as the functional state of his or her health. During the neurological examination, we assess the sensory, reflex, cardiovascular, and abdominal systems, as well as balance, coordination, and muscle strength.. Our goal always is not only to identify problems, but also to determine how best to restore our patients’ health and functionality.

Computerized Dynamic Posturography and Balance testing
A clinical assessment technique used to evaluate the various systems – sensory, motor and central nervous – that affect posture and balance. CDP tests the patient’s posture using a combination of support surfaces. The patient stands on a platform challenging the ability to maintain balance. The neurologist performs specific tests under these conditions to measure the body’s reactions. Measurements from these tests are combined with measurements from the VNG testing help the doctors pinpoint the affected areas of brain function.

Concussion screening

Effective management of a concussion requires communication from athletes, parents, ATC’s, coaches, school nurses, school administrators, teachers, and doctors. C3 Logix is the only platform that brings data collection and insight together in one location. C3 Logix:

  • Provides a mechanism to unite ATCs, MDs, PTs, and Researchers in collection of common outcomes.
  • Provides reliable and objective assessment of postural stability, working memory, set switching, reaction time, learning and static and dynamic visual acuity.
  • Provides web based access for remote expert evaluation.
  • Provides visual indicators that focus attention and expedite appropriate care.